Htun Myint Naing is one of Myanmar's pioneering businessmen who founded Asia World Company in 1992. Under his stewardship, Htun Myint Naing grew the business in numerous key sectors including infrastructure, energy, construction and property development. At the heart of many of his projects lies his personal goal to improve the lives of the Myanmar people, as well as his dream to take the country to the global stage with world-class, internationally-renowned landmark projects.


A Journey Together in Myanmar

Since my last Chairman's statement in 2014, Myanmar's promising economic reform is taking shape. The recent peaceful and successful general election has further enhanced the confidence of the business community. Support for the continuing development of Myanmar is growing with new investments from investors both locally and internationally.

Asia World remains steadfast in its belief that its infrastructure projects will have a lasting contribution to the economic growth of Myanmar and our people. Our continuing effort to reinvent ourselves with staff trainings and recruitment of better professional management, locals and internationals with focus on returning overseas Myanmar citizens. We have also constantly upgraded our equipment to ensure greater efficiency in the delivery of our services to meet the higher demand and expectation.

Our result in 2014 is in tandem with the economic growth of Myanmar. Asia World Port Terminal is well positioned to respond to the expected continuing growth of the import and export of Myanmar. Thauyegat (2) Hydropower Plant is currently generating power to the national grid, contributing to the development of Myanmar and Yangon International Airport's traffic continues to grow, attracting both tourists and investors into Myanmar. We are working diligently at the development of Yangon International Airport and hope that the new terminal will be the pride of Myanmar.

Asia World has in recent months restructured its group of companies as well as its businesses. We hope to bring a new focus to our business that will stand the test of time for the benefit of the country and our people as well as the environment. We had, in early 2015, divested all our interest in the toll road business, Thilawa import Oil & Gas terminal and distribution business as well as the planned coal fire power plant at Kyun Gyan Gon.

The divestment of the businesses will allow Asia World to take on new projects that will bring a greater impact to Myanmar and its people with awareness to its environment. We hope our new endeavors in the future will also create more job opportunities with new sets of skills for the locals.

This new journey requires trust and belief. Asia World's journey is based on our track record and professionalism. Our colleagues at Asia World strive to achieve more through upgrading of skills just as I do. We hope to take this journey with the support of everyone.

As we take this new journey, Asia World will continue its effort through its Asia World Foundation to contribute back to the community. The recent flood in July 2015 has taken a toll on the people of Myanmar. Through the Foundation, Asia World has provided for humanitarian aids and disaster relief.

I take this opportunity again to thank all my colleagues, business partners, associates and the community of Myanmar for their support to the growth of Asia World. Asia World will continue to strive hard to create better value for all stakeholders and leave a positive impact for generations to come.


Htun Myint Naing