Asia World Company ("AWC") is committed to engaging and nurturing the community and has been active in many community activities such as disaster relief, humanitarian aid and educational programs. As such, Asia World Foundation ("AWF") was set up in 2014 to pioneer critical philanthropic endeavors in emerging Myanmar. By putting the Myanmar people at the core of our work, we are able to focus on building a more prosperous and stable society with greater accessibility to education, health care, and disaster and emergency aids.

We strive to remove barriers to fundamental support for every needy Myanmar person, for them to lead healthy and productive lives with an equal chance of social mobility. This, we believe, is vital to build a brighter and more progressive future for Myanmar in the long-term.


We have made charitable contributions in support of healthcare, education and disaster relief initiatives — all of these projects were in Myanmar.

In our contribution to Myanmar, we have adopted core purposes to guide us:

Building society through

Building people through
health care

Rebuilding lives through
our disaster and emergency aids


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