As part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, Asia World Group hosted a gala dinner for friends, business partners, associates and its family of staff.

The dinner was held at the Novotel hotel Yangon on 5th June 2017 to commemorate the exact 25th year of its founding.

To mark the special occasion, Founder & Chairman of Asia World Group, U Htun Myint Naing, through the Group's charitable arm, Asia World Foundation, also presented contributions and donations to several key organisations;

1. 100 million MMK Education Fund to the Yangon Region Government.

2. 10 million MMK to the Myanmar Independent Living Initiative for Disabled People.

3. 10 million MMK to the Catholic Home for The Aged

4. 10 million MMK to the Myanmar Volleyball Federation

5. 10 million MMK to the Myitar Yaung Chi Youth Welfare & Development Home.

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